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Ventac Airconditioning


At Ventac, with a team of highly skilled professionals, we install various types of chillers which include water cool chillers, air cool chillers, process chillers, industrial chillers, etc. for a vast range of cooling load. The installation services are provided for Commercial Buildings, Corporate Towers, Banquets, Banks, Factories, Airports, etc.

Ventac Airconditioning

Air Conditioning Services

At Ventac, we also install VRV air conditioning systems and the range varies as per the requirement. We handle the end-to-end installation process, that is, from the mapping of coils to circulation of refrigerant from outdoor to indoor & vice-versa. During the entire process, our professionals use the finest quality coil & measure it accordingly to complete the entire procedure in a cost-efficient & energy-efficient manner.

Ventac Airconditioning

Air Conditioning System & Split ACs Installation

We also install Ductable Air Conditioning system. Professionals deploy most appropriate shape & ratio of the duct with the least bends to provide efficient cooling to reach out the maximum area and saves energy consumption. Additionally, we provide Split ACs installation services by keeping in mind the needs & requirement of our customers/clients.

Ventac Airconditioning

Basement Ventilation

Ventac is highly known for its ventilation services as it consists of well-planned ventilation circuit/layout equipped with sensors, smoke detectors & axial fans, to ensure that the fresh air circulation. Our primary focus is to provide improved & the best quality air in the car parking lot, in a cost efficient manner.

Ventac Airconditioning

Installation of Air Purifier

Ventac installs Air Purifiers in the duct work of HVAC system to remove dust, germs, bacterial & other pollutants from the air that is circulated through your HVAC system. This process helps to improve air quality and allows you to breathe easier & healthier air all day long.

Ventac Airconditioning

Maintenance & Repairing

Our services are not only limited to just installation, as we also provide maintenance & repairing services for all the systems that are installed by the Ventac professionals, in a hassle-free way. We are just a call away!

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