Clean Room Air Conditioning, Toilet Ventillation

The Importance Of Air Conditioning In Maintaining Cleanliness

The room's construction must exclude anything that might contribute to particle emission. We have determined that this essential part plays a significant role in the functioning of a clean room. Keeping the Clean Room Air cooling pressurized with clean room air conditioning and ensuring no outside air could enter the room by sealing the door units was also essential.

Modifying The Temperature

Furthermore, a steady temperature is essential because temperature gradients and convective Clean Room Air Conditioning motion may disrupt the managed laminar airflow and cause dust to be stirred up from surfaces if the temperature suddenly drops or rises. Thus, controls are performed according to the supply air probe reading, with the number of recirculation cycles set to ensure that the clean room achieves the same temperature as the supply air in a reasonable time.

An alternative, more complicated approach is to regulate the supply temperature using a floating set point that considers the current room temperature. When warm or cold air is required to maintain the proper temperature in a clean room, the airflow is steady and varies gently in this manner.

Differential Pressures

Maintaining pressure gradients between neighbouring rooms may also be aided by regulating fan speed using differential pressure sensors. A more significant internal pressure than that of neighbouring, less regulated spaces is necessary to avoid the entry of external air containing harmful pollutants.

Maintaining a positive pressure gradient from the most sterile to the least barren places is essential whenever possible. Typically, this is 10-15 Pa, or at least 5 Pa, between pre-sterile sections and the outside environment.

Toilet Ventillation control replaces extracted (or naturally escaping) air with freshly filtered external air to maintain a pressure difference between two rooms. The following picture illustrates a typical air-handling unit's qualitative pressure trend. The fan supports overpressure conditions by creating a rise in pressure.


In conclusion, knowing how to handle the unit's functioning at Ventac Airconditioning Company and what components should go where within the team guarantees that the necessary criteria will be reached with excellent efficiency.